T.A.J. As easy as Tommy, André and Jimmy .

Jimmy and André, father and son, have played hard rock-music together for many years. They even made ​​it all the way to USA for a small tour in California in 2006 with a band called NonWorkingGeneration.

Their song Faces reached the single-list in Sweden. After another two albums and some hassel with the record company it all broke down. But Jimmy, who runs his own superstudio, couldn’t stay away – he had to keep the dream alive .

Jimmy started a new rock band with his son André and his childhood friend Tommy. Chemistry occurred at a high level and now, three years later, people scream at their gigs with joy about how damn good they are.

T.A.J. currently released their 3rd album ”Underground”, and by reaching out to even more rock-lovers they hope to meet all you fans at festivals all around Sweden this summer.

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No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

29 Jun 2017 Tallinn, Estonia FUBAR Rock Club FUBAR Rock Club
28 Jun 2017 Riga, Latvia DEPO klubs DEPO klubs
27 Jun 2017 Vilnius, Lithuania PERONAS Club PERONAS Club
25 Jun 2017 Minsk, Belarus ГРАФФИТИ бар & клуб ГРАФФИТИ бар & клуб
24 Jun 2017 Kiev, Ukraine Bochka Pub Bochka Pub
23 Jun 2017 Vinniza, Ukraine Royal pub Royal pub
22 Jun 2017 Odessa, Ukraine More Music Club More Music Club
21 Jun 2017 Dnepr, Ukraine АртКвартире АртКвартире
14 May 2016 Club Messed Up, Lund Restaturang Godset Restaturang Godset
30 Jan 2016 Lund Lunds Rocknrollklubb Lunds Rocknrollklubb
09 Jan 2016 Häng Bar, Malmö Häng Bar, Malmö Häng Bar, Malmö

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